Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Make You Look and Feel Young Again?

There are many myths surrounding menopause and aging, but the one truth is that menopause does in fact accelerate aging. A professor of human genetics at the University of California found that cells in women who experienced menopause sped up aging processes by at least 6%.

Menopausal and perimenopausal women commonly experience hypoestrogenism: declining and deficient estrogen. This has been shown to accelerate age-related skin deterioration.

If this is a concern of yours, you may wish to consider hormone replacement therapy.

Keep reading to learn more about HRT’s effect on aging, slowing down accelerated aging, skin health, and more.

Types of HRT by Age

There are several HRT options for women; the most effective therapy for you will usually depend on your individual physiology.

There’s no best age to begin HRT, but you can work with medical professionals to adjust your treatment based on your age and the particular goals you have with treatment.

Early Hysterectomy

Women who have an early hysterectomy are especially at risk for hypoestrogenism.
HRT can help women who have a hysterectomy as early as age 20 live longer. If you had to get your ovaries removed at a young age, estrogen therapy can lower your risk profile for a host of other complications later on, including cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Perimenopause and Early Low Testosterone

Some men and women begin to experience low testosterone or perimenopause as early as the age of 30. In that case, starting HRT can help you get on top of worsening symptoms, preventing them from increasing in severity.

Postmenopausal Treatments

Post-menopausal women can also experience HRT benefits. Adult women can initiate HRT at any age, and often, post-menopause treatments can improve their quality of life.

Can HRT Make You Feel Younger?

Yes, HRT can make you feel younger.

If you are suffering from weight gain, depression, anxiety, or low libido, HRT can help with all of these conditions.

The therapy will help you manage your weight and increase your libido, which contributes to a feeling of being young. If your hormonal imbalance is linked with anxiety and depression, you will feel more energetic on HRT as those conditions are treated.

The treatment will also alleviate menopause symptoms like hot flashes.

Because it also slows down hypoestrogenism-related cellular aging in women, it will help you remain physically younger as well.

Can HRT Make You Look Younger?

Absolutely, depending on what you are looking for. HRT can slow down skin aging, helping you maintain your skin elasticity and preventing skin damage and wrinkles.
HRT can promote hair growth as well as nail health, which both contribute to a youthful appearance.

Can HRT Reverse the Aging Process?

HRT cannot reverse the aging process, unfortunately. What it can do is help you look younger, and feel younger.

You might ask: will I start looking older if I stop HRT? Will my symptoms come back?

HRT should not be taken for a duration exceeding one year, as you may get an increased risk of breast cancer. Your clinician will help you gradually come off the hormones.
It is unlikely that you will experience a sudden re-onset of your menopausal symptoms or rapid re-aging.

Considering Hormone Replacement Therapy

If your goal is to look younger and feel younger, look into hormone replacement therapy. HRT has been shown to increase the quality of life in women of all ages who are suffering from declining estrogen.

It can treat aging skin, negative symptoms of menopause, declining libido, and more.
Feel free to request a consultation with us to speak to a clinician about how this therapy might work for you.

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