High-dose Vitamin C IV Therapy

Unlock your health potential with high-dose vitamin C IV therapy

Innovative cancer support

At Body Rejuvenation in Hallandale, we are committed to supporting your health journey with innovative, science-backed treatments. Our High-dose Vitamin C IV Therapy is designed specifically for individuals diagnosed with cancer, offering a powerful, adjunctive option to support your body’s natural defenses.

Unlocking your best self

Three steps toward health optimization

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Get Blood work
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Complementary CBC/BPC
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Advanced Labs (14 markers) $450
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Take the first step towards enhanced health and well-being. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary blood work and start your personalized High-dose Vitamin C IV Therapy.

Tailored Treatment, Comprehensive Care

Our personalized approach ensures you receive the care you need, tailored to your unique health profile. Doses range from 5000mg to 50000mg, customized to your specific requirements and health goals.

Why High-dose Vitamin C IV Therapy?

High-dose Vitamin C IV Therapy can provide numerous benefits, including:

01. Enhanced immune function

02. Improved energy levels

03. Facial recognition

04. Reduction in inflammation

05. Support for overall well-being during cancer treatment

How to get started

Step 1: Complimentary Blood Work

We begin with a comprehensive blood workup, including CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) and BMP (Basic Metabolic Panel). This essential step is offered complimentary at Body Rejuvenation and takes only 15 minutes. Results are available within 3 days.

Step 2: Doctor’s Evaluation

Once we have your blood work results, you’ll meet with our experienced doctor for a brief evaluation. This step ensures that the therapy is safe and effective for your specific condition and needs.

Step 3: High-dose Vitamin C IV Therapy

With the evaluation complete, you’re ready to receive your High-dose Vitamin C IV Therapy. Relax in our luxurious, comfortable setting as you receive this potent treatment designed to boost your health and well-being.

Experience the Body Rejuvenation Difference

At Body Rejuvenation, we believe in viewing aging as an evolution and unlocking human potential at every stage of life. Our holistic, personalized approach combines wellness with cutting-edge innovation, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care.

Our Difference.

Functional Medicine

We don't simply treat your symptoms, we get to their root causes.

Individualized Treatment

Our individualized programs use a multi-system approach to obtain results. Each system is carefully selected and customized to the individual.

Empowering Education

Our mission is to educate individuals about maintaining their health.
We believe the best societies are comprised of healthy individuals.

Knowledgeable Physicians

Our physicians have been practicing Functional Medicine for decades, have completed postgraduate and fellowship training, and have authored books in the area of Functional Medicine.

Personalized Aesthetics and Wellness

Imagine biohacking therapies alongside aesthetics, all delivered in a luxurious and personalized setting

  • You’re not just a number
  • Not just for the rich and famous!
  • Thorough, extensive consultations.
    No 5-second Zoom meetings!

Hallandale High-dose Vitamin C IV Therapy

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