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Biomarker Assessment Questionnaire
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Biomarker Testing:

  • Indicators of aging and immune system status

  • Provides information about your overall health and detects a variety of disorders, such as anemia, infection, and many other diseases.

  • Measures different chemicals in the blood and can provide information about your muscles (including the heart), bones, and organs.

  • Evaluates thyroid function and helps diagnose thyroid disorders.

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of your body’s chemical balance and metabolism.

  • A form of estrogen; important for reproductive and sexual function as well as the health of other organs and tissues.

  • Important for growth and development; can indicate aging and overall health.

  • Measures cholesterol and triglycerides, which are indicators of heart health.

  • Measures prostate health and helps in the detection of prostate cancer.

  • Important for bone density, muscle strength, and sex drive.

  • Measures the active form of testosterone in the blood.

  • A precursor to sex hormones; involved in energy, mood, and immune function.

Additional Information:

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