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Longevity Capsules

Longevity Caps can help you unlock the secrets of longevity.

The Power of

Longevity Caps

Unlock a new chapter in your life as Longevity Caps addresses critical aspects associated with aging, allowing you to embrace each day with vitality and vigor.

Regulate the MTOR pathway for balanced cellular processes, promoting longevity from within.

Ignite your body’s sirtuins to promote cellular health and longevity.

Combat aging-related cellular changes, ensuring your cells remain youthful and vibrant.

Enhance energy production at the cellular level, promoting overall vitality.

Activate AMPK, your body’s metabolic master switch, to support energy balance and longevity.

Revitalize your body’s natural rejuvenation mechanisms through optimal stem cell function.

Safeguard your DNA’s integrity with ingredients that help maintain telomere length, a key marker of youthful cells.

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Begin by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Martinez. Longevity Capsules are available by prescription only.


Longevity caps are a proprietary advanced formulation created by renowned longevity medicine expert Dr. Luis Martinez.

This formula is designed to target longevity pathways.

I remind all my patients thataging is reversible.


Dr. Luis Martinez


Dr. Luis Martínez has made significant contributions in the field of regenerative medicine, anti-aging, and cell therapy.

With his extensive education and training, he has established himself as a leading specialist, researcher, and consultant in these areas.

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What our patients are saying…



Thanks to Dr. Martinez and age management, I’ve discovered the fountain of youth! The personalized therapies and cutting-edge technologies have transformed my perspective on aging. I feel more energized, focused, and confident than ever before.




Investing in my longevity not only improved my well-being but also elevated my professional success. Dr. Martinez’s expertise and guidance have allowed me to balance the demands of my career with a flourishing personal life.




If you’re serious about living life to the fullest, I highly recommend exploring age management. It’s a game-changer that has unlocked endless possibilities for me, and I’m forever grateful to Dr. Martinez.



Ekaterina Sokolova, ARNP

Nurse Practitioner

Ekaterina, a board-certified Nurse Practitioner, has been in the nursing profession since graduating with an Associate’s degree from Voronezh Medical College in Russia in 2008. She continued her education in South Florida and achieved the Bachelor’s degree in Miami Dade College in 2017.

Dr. Luis Martinez, MD, MPH

Medical Director

Regenerative Medicine, Antiaging and Cell Therapy specialist, clinical researcher and biomedical consultant.

He earned his medical degree at The Ponce School of Medicine and completed his residency training at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania.

Bill Wilmore

Fitness Expert

Qualified 5 times for Mr. Olympia, over the years Bill has trained many high-profile professionals such as doctors, lawyers, politicians, professional athletes, and people of all ages.  

Adriana Rodriquez

Medical Aesthetician

Adriana is a licensed medical aesthetician and laser tech with over 13 years of experience.