Carlos Garcia


A native of Miami, Florida, Mr. Carlos Garcia is a distinctive leader with a broad range of real estate and financial experience. Along with his father, Mr. Garcia started Garcia Holdings, a management company established for managing the vast portfolio he and his father now own.

In his 24 plus years of operating, Mr. Garcia has experienced much success in real estate and the medical field. During this time, Mr. Garcia negotiated the purchase of four medical centers in Miami and Hialeah and brought sales from an average of $1M up to an astonishing $4M annually. In 1999, Mr. Garcia merged his medical centers into one, naming it Miami Dade Health and Rehab, and in 2006, sold it to Continucare for a considerable profit.

At the end of a 5-year non-compete agreement with Continucare, Mr. Garcia and his family anxiously embarked upon a new venture and opened IMC Health in Miami, Hialeah, and South West.

Beginning with only three medical centers, two medical vans, and one lead doctor and providing medical services to
one HMO, the Company boasted growth of over 600 employees, 45 full-time doctors, 17 medical centers, over 65 medical transportation vans, and provided medical services to 12 HMOs. This company was later sold to Comvest and in February of 2017. Mr. Garcia and his family have embarked in yet another new venture in the same field to repeat what they have
been extremely successful in.