Bill Wilmore

Wrestler, Body Builder, and Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, Entrepreneur

Bill Wilmore was one of the most intriguing athletes to graduate from Plum Senior High School.  He followed a very successful wrestling career at Plum Senior High School with even more success as an amateur and then as a Professional Bodybuilder!  Bill proceeded to reach the highest level of the sport by qualifying 5 times for Mr. Olympia, the pinnacle of the sport.  


Bill was a 4-time state qualifier and has numerous titles in wrestling, which he feels gave him the discipline for everything he has accomplished to date.


Following his wrestling career, Bill turned his focus to bodybuilding.  The path to professional bodybuilding is an extremely difficult one.  This entails hours and hours in the gym, being on extremely strict diets for months on end, just to name a few.  

As a Professional, Bill maintained success at the highest level of the sport.  He finished in the top 5 in many prestigious bodybuilding shows.  He turned pro by winning the Overall Title in 2005 at the NPC National Bodybuilding Championship.  He was victorious at the 2012 Toronto Pro Show as well. 

Bill was able to attract numerous supplement sponsorships during his career and developing his own personal training business Wilpower USA, LLC, and was a well-known promoter of the Bill Wilmore Classic for 6 consecutive years.  He has done seminars all over the world speaking on weight training, nutrition, and supplementation for these companies.  

Personal Training

Over the years Bill has trained many high-profile professionals such as doctors, lawyers, politicians, professional athletes, and people of all ages.